August 2, 2013

Mafia 2 funny screenshots part 1

Mafia 2 funny screenshots collection. I have about 150 funny screenshots from Mafia 2 gameplay. Here's the first part.

 High Noon duel. Three-on-one.
 Bullying a beggar.
 Burning car spectators.
 Spectators of a burning car.
 Burning car once again.
 A car in a car.
 Wanna have sex?
 What's up with this bumper?
 A handfight in a gunshop.
 A ghost car.
 Sitting in an invisible car.
 It wasn't me!
 Threesome attack on a gun shop.
 Trying to run over hobo.
 The twins.
The weird blue car again.

Mafia 2 funny screenshots - more pics in the next posts. Have fun!

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