February 27, 2013

Awful haircuts examples

This time I'll show you some awful haircuts examples. Weird, aren't they?

 It looks as if she had a rabbit on her head.
 It looks as if he had a lizard on his head.
 This haircut looks as if he had a bra on his chest. Nice hairy chest haircut.
This haircut looks like ears of Mickey Mouse. Creepy.

February 17, 2013

Site doesn't work in Netscape

Okay. The site doesn't work in Netscape, after I went to all the trouble of changing the layout. I hate goddamn fucking Netscape. Each page shows up individually, but the frameset doesn't work. If anyone who knows anything about Netscape happens to be reading this and wants to have a look at the source of this page, feel free and e-mail me your diagnostic. I'll be eternally grateful.

That's worth a read. Having published stuff - although not going as far as considering myself an author quite yet - I'm trying to understand where they are coming from... but it's not happening. No profit is made from fanfiction, so that infringement of copyright thing sounds really silly. "Fame and feedback" are considered profits? Give me a break. Writing is creation, and creation is good. It's a fantastic outlet, it opens the path to learning... would they rather have all those kids (I'm surprised by the proportion of young people, but then they surveyed fanfiction.net) roaming the streets aimlessly and remaining illiterate? Why can't anyone see the bigger picture? Outside of real-people-fic, which I cannot condone, this is definitely a good. There are no bad books. Only bad people.