September 25, 2012

Max Payne movie posters

Max Payne movie posters. Mark Wahlberg as Max Payne? Was it a good choice? Shouldn't Max be taller? Everyone who played Max Payne 1 game released in 2001 have some reservations to big-screen adaptation. I watched this movie immediately when it was released but was really disappointed. I can't recall any scene from this movie now. At least these Max Payne movie posters left.

 Do you know what it means to miss, thinking what to say to her when we meet again in heaven?
 Do you know what is the pain of loneliness, when heart to the heart tears?
 I liked your attitude to the world. I'm dying for the header. I hate them, but yours is so wonderfully minimalist and ironic that I liked, though.
No love left, it's only vengeance now.

I expect that someday there'll be Max Payne 2 on cinema screens but please do not hire Mark Wahlberg. He was freaking rapper in his youth! Max Payne kills such guys in the game.